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  1. Testing: chlorine, Ph, acid demand, and total alkalinity.
  2. Add necessary chemicals in accordance with the Bio-Guard,
    3-step program of sanitation, oxidation and algaecide.
  3. Skim surface of pool.
  4. Clean tile with brush and Off-The Wall tile cleaner.
  5. Vacuum swimming pool.
  6. Brush walls of pool.
  7. Clean hair /lint basket.
  8. Clean skimmer basket.
  9. Backwash filter as necessary - completely clean D.E. filters annually.
    Filter additives are additonal cost; D.E.,Polysheen, and Floc.
  10. Monitor for algae.
  11. Clean automatic pool sweeps - Kreepy Krauly, Polaris, Jandy, Hayward.
  12. Assist customer in maintaining proper water level.
  13. Keep pump and filter area neat and clean.
  14. Report any equipment problems or malfunctions.
  15. Record services on customer's log
    (to be kept at your home for your reference).
  16. Notify customer of services performed, chemicals needed or delivered.
An average price for basic weekly pool service would be $170.00 not including chemicals. This is for
labor only and does not include any chemicals needed for maintenance of pool.
An average price for weekly pool service including chemicals would be $210.00. This includes
chemicals such as chlorine for shock, Ph control, filter additives (D.E. or Polysheen), or algaecide
preventatives. Does not include special purpose chemicals such as copper based/silver based
algaecides, Flock, Anti Foam, Enzymes or phosphate tile remover.
Your price for either service level will be quoted individually and based on the size and condition
of your pool.
Labor charges for repairs or installations is $140.00 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour.
Billing for pool service is done on the first day of the month and is due in 10 days.Customers paying
for pool service 6 months in advance will receive a 5% discount on services performed, or customers
prepaying a year in advance will recieve a 10% discount on services performed.
C&J contracting (808)261-6659
32 Kainehe St. Kailua, HI 96734

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