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‹‹ Your swimmers need continuous protection against bacteria.
Keep pool water sanitized with BioGuard 3" Tablets
to kill bacteria continuously.

‹‹ Destroy the organic contamination introduced by bathers.
Oxidize with BioGuard Lite® to make water sparkling and clear.

‹‹ Back Up® Algae Inhibitor to prevent algae.
We are your local BioGuard authorized Dealer. Visit BioGuard for a complete product listing.

‹‹ OMNIŽ Algaecides not only prevent the growth of algae,
but also kill existing algae that may infest your pool.

‹‹ OMNIŽ Balancers are used to adjust the water chemistry
of your pool to ensure maximum sanitizer effectiveness,
water clarity and swimmer comfort.

‹‹ OMNIŽ Sanitizers help keep pool water clear
and protected from bacteria.

‹‹ OMNIŽ Oxidizers chemically destroy the organic
contaminants introduced by bathers and the environment.
We are your local OMNIŽ products authorized Dealer. Visit for a complete product listing.

‹‹ Maintaining clear, clean and safe water is essential to any pool or hot tub owner. SeaKlear water treatment solutions provide a reliable and effective way to treat your pool or spa easily and effectively so you can enjoy your time in your pool, not cleaning it.
SeaKlear Aquaria products are used to effectively and safely control orthophosphates and water clarity in aquariums and zoos.
We are your local SeaKlear authorized Dealer. Visit for a complete product listing.

‹‹ Taylor Technologies is committed to develop, manufacture, market and support innovative, quality test kits and reagents to be used wherever water is tested.
We carry the equipment you need to test and treat your pool yourself, or we can provide service employees to do it for you.
We are your local Taylor Technologies authorized Dealer. Visit for a complete product listing.

‹‹ no phosphate build-up = no algae guaranteed
‹‹ greatly reduced pool maintenance
‹‹ less filter cleaning cycles
‹‹ no waterline rings or strong chemical odors
‹‹ no skin or eye irritation
‹‹ makes water feel soft & silky
‹‹ enhances any sanitizer program

We are your local Natural Chemistry and Pool Perfect Dealer. Visit for a complete product listing.

‹‹ Say goodbye to the abrasive smell of chlorine and take your spa experience to new heights with Cense. With its oxygen-infused aromas, Cense turns your spa into a fragrant paradise for the senses.
Also ask for Nature2 Spa Test Strips: No mess, no fuss, Instant readings for MPS, alkalinity, and pH, Color-coded quick guide on package, 50 strips per package.
We are your local Nature II authorized Dealer. Visit for a complete product listing.

‹‹ Know Jack. No Stains. Jack's Magic the leader in stain identification, removal, and prevention.
The Magenta Stuff is the most advanced start up and stain-fighting product available for a beautiful stain-free pool.
We are your local Jack's Magic authorized Dealer. Visit for a complete product listing.
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